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La Royal Interior Designs ,one of the leading Interior design and Decoration company in United Arab Emirates. We have a long pride experience in Architectural Interior design, constantly interacting with our clients to ensure whether meeting with clients expectations. La Royal Interior Designs provides luxury, modern and contemporary design with a team of creative Architects, Interior designers, 3D visualizers, Draftsmans and Engineers with understanding of the dynamics of design and construction in United Arab Emirates.


We Do Them The Best

  • Friendly

    Our friendly interactions with the clients let us deliver them much more than what they wanted. A step beyond what they dreamed!

  • Successful

    We have delivered projects successfully with premium quality. A project done on time is the project delivered successfully too.

  • Creative

    Mundane works are a no to us. Breaking conventions, making a new trend that’s more of our kind of thing! We are creative.


Clients Are The Backbone Of Every Business

  • Interior Design
    Interior Design

    What’s inside is as important what’s outside and we are someone who knows it the best! Luxury, premium or functional - You name it, we do it!

  • Majlis Design
    Majlis Design

    Premium and majestic places that are fit for royalty - we deliver them. Royal, Luxurious, Luscious - we build them with right attitude and a pinch of true blue blood!

  • Customized Furniture
    Customized Furniture

    Furniture that fits your home like a dream. Rings a bell? Have you ever thought of something like that? We are here - We do it just the right way.

  • Ceiling Gypsum
    Ceiling Gypsum

    Ceilings that give out the impression of a grand ball room – have you ever fantasized owning one of them? You are in the right place – you dream it, we deliver it!

  • Residential Design
    Residential Design

    Our home is where the heart is – so home ought to be beautiful. Here we are to make your homes ethereal. Functional, beautiful and fine – we bring in the best of everything!

  • Furniture Design
    Furniture Design

    Furniture is like ornament to your space - Classy, Royal and Handy. They are mirrors to your soul. Transform your space into an enticing spot - your pride, neighbor’s envy!

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