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Coffee or Tea?
We Are Both!

Coffeetea is a home-grown, community driven café, serving coffee brewed from hand-roasted 100% Arabica beans and tea made from hand-picked tea leaves. It was developed with the singular mission of ending the divide between coffee and tea communities who have been separated for millennia.

The best part? You can have them together!

A cup of our signature Coffeetea drink is made with our secret formula that combines the absolute best of both worlds – coffee & tea in the same cup.


The Masterpiece.

What we have

Coffeetea is creating spots across the city where people can gather, meet friends or work while sipping on their favourite cup of coffee or grab a bite of our diverse selection of breakfast/lunch. Moreover, we use the best quality ingredients we can find, come up with the craziest recipes we can think of and craft unique dishes that are intolerably delicious.


The Dream

Before opening our doors, we spent more than a year experimenting on recipes and concoctions in our test kitchen. Hours were spent poring over the tiniest details like the texture of the foam on our karak tea or the sound made when you bite into our waffles. We wanted it to be perfect.

After many months spent in the kitchen, we finally emerged to open our first café in October 2017 in Dubai. It was the first step in transforming coffee and tea culture. We were just getting started.

The Ambience


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